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Public Relations

Making sure you get the correct and best voice out there - hard.

When it comes to public relations you’ve got to be pretty careful. We’re living in such a connected world that a small blip can make it around the globe within 10 minutes – and we’ve seen it happen to both people and companies. 

Getting your voice in the public arena right is key and something I can help with it. Be it bolstering up coverage in the press, or dealing with a very sticky issue – I’ve been there and helped a large number of clients with their needs. 

My approach to public relations is simple. I use social and other data to make a current map of your current standing and where I see improvements. We discuss your goals, put together a plan and do it. I take a very multi-channel approach to public relations. It isn’t just spouting out what you want to hear, it is using all avenues at your disposal to echo what you want to say in the correct manner and seeing how people are responding to that in real time. Analyzing perception of views is key and no matter how much market research we do it may not always go as planned and I’m ready to throw it back on track when need be. 

Have something in mind? Contact me to get the ball rolling.