Government Services

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When dealing with both the public and governmental departments it's vital you get the approach right. Are you hoping to get more involved in politics? Are you planning changes and want to assess the impact on people who rely on you?
When it comes to Government Services - they are adapted with your goals in mind. The rate I charge is also cut considerably to account for the service being provided.
From policy papers to data analyzation I’ve been there. I can bring a fresh approach to issues being faced. Concerned by a demographic? Want to use social data to better understand an underserved part of the community? I can make it happen within a quick time frame.
My key areas relate to data, people tracking and social media anaylisation.
To better serve you, I will require full details of what you have in mind. A non-disclosure will be signed as standard and anything discussed or used will remain confidential.
All files relating to the project are uploaded to Amazon GovCloud – providing the very best in security.
All communication between myself and you is fully encrypted using various sources, and is scanned by McAfee Enterprise systems.
All devices with access to communication are full secured using infrared scanning technology. No data is held on a device - with it all being uploaded to the cloud ensuring no compromises can happen.
Rest assured. When it comes to dealing with sensitive issues I have all the stops in place.
Want to get the ball rolling? Contact me.

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