Amelia, my dog, was stolen. I got her back.

My baby was stolen on the 15th March, did I let it slide? Hell NO. I made sure everyone in birmingham found out about her... and was looking for her. She was back home on the 12th April. God bless the internet. Scroll down to read the whole story.

I have a beautiful dog, called Amelia. She’s a huskador and is pretty young (8 months now – time flies). She is my literal baby. I have babied her so much she isn’t a normal fierce wolf-ish dog. 

On the 15th March 2017, I left my dog with my mum while I went to university. It’s something I normally did, never had any issues. I came back to find she was… gone. I had no idea where or how. I started to panic. 

In my panicky frame of mind I saw a hole and instantly thought she dug a hole. I started franticly knocking on my neighbours doors to ask them to let me in their gardens. No one was willing to help. 

I did what any normal person would. Started printing off leaflets and handing them out, shoving them through doors and trying my best.
That night I didn’t sleep. I went to the park she used to walk in 20 odd times and looked for her. Woke up the next morning – canvased more. And more. Until I had a lightbulb moment. 

What if I ran adverts? On Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.. and started them within 5 miles of where she was last seen and parks? Someone is bound to see her. 

I did just that. I started a load of ad campaigns with varying demographics. 

Within a week she was too hot to handle. If you had her you would be found – and the leads coming in were mixed. I was stuck. 
I started to extend the campaign beyond Birmingham, neighbouring cities and towns were added in. I wanted to find her and I wasn’t going to give up. 

Fast forward the 1st April. I get a phone call. Someone has seen her in Nottingham. I couldn’t be sure but I kept in contact. We kept assessing the lead. 

It was her. 

And we got the ball rolling. Someone got in contact who knew exactly where she was. And we swooped in. 

I got my baby back. Nearly a month later. And couldn’t sleep from the sheer excitement of it all. The police even went with us to the park and made sure I got her back.

How great was the campaign? 

I managed to get the ads to at least 1 device in every household in Birmingham. Google, Facebook and Amazon started providing help and credits (thanks guys) and I got everyone in Birmingham talking about my dog. She was on the minds of everyone – people were looking for her, over 10,000,000 ad impressions across all platforms! Over 80% of all vets had her poster displayed (I paid £2 for each poster!). The campaign was a success from start to finish. 

I officially took over Birmingham until my baby was back. 

The investigation is still ongoing and it is clear she was moved from Birmingham to Nottingham due to the attention she was getting. But you know what? I’m just happy I have her back. All the effort, the pulling strings – everything. Totally worth it to have my baby back home where she belongs. 

Sure she might just be a dog to some – but she’s my dog and I promised to look after her when I got her. I’m not breaking that promise.  

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