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Consultancy Service

Getting the right talent during a revamp, or upcoming marketing campaign can be vital to your success. Its why getting a consultant like me can really help you get a broader picture. 

I've helped many blue-chip companies get the right approach, from concept right to delivery I've given my input and further enhanced their campaigns to ensure success. 

Case Studies

I was approach by a fashion house going through a digital transformation that aimed to make their brand more relevant to a younger demographic. Working with existing teams and agencies, I worked with their brand image to reconnect with their key demographic. Social Media, use of digital and tv marketing were revamped, the contract resulted in the brand being able to brace for digital at a moment of increased usage. 

The WFP made contact about an upcoming app release that gave people the ability to directly donate food to those in need. A comprehensive social marketing plan was put together, including influencer outreach. The outcome of the plan was an increase in usage by 300%+ within 24 hours. 

I welcome contact from companies large and small, non-profits and charties are encouraged to make contact as this service is without cost for a limited time. 

Features include:

NDA signed as standard.
Communication and data relating to the project stored on Amazon Cloud.
Added protection with McAfee Enterprise, with £1 million in coverage against hacking or leaks. 

Want to get the ball rolling? Get in touch. It'd love to discuss your project further. 

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