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About Me

Hi, my name is Sohail. I recently moved to London to join a start-up on a 3 month contract, we've decided that my job is done. It's time for me to move on to my next challenge! Do you have a vacancy? Do you think I'd be the perfect fit for something? Or do you fancy coffee at Starbucks? Get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

A little bit about me

Over my work history I've helped some pretty big names get things going. From exploring new markets to resolving some pretty bad issues to limit brand damage, I've been there. My main focus is social media and general marketing - something I've grown up doing from the age of 15. I've helped the likes of RBS, Amazon and Calvin Klein with various marketing and growth concerns. I've even been in LifeSkills adverts for Barclays regarding social media (I'm the brown guy wearing a funky shirt). For a full overview of my work history and to see those ads, I'd suggest looking at my LinkedIn profile.  

I landed my latest role after a company noticed my campaign to find my stolen dog Amelia. Amelia was stolen from my mothers home in Birmingham while she was looking after her. What resulted was one of the best blitz campaigns I've ever done. Her YouTube video alone nearly got 1,000,000 hits and I managed to reach at least one device in every home in Birmingham. Thousands of people were out looking for her. After nearly 4 weeks - she was back home after a tip off led to her being found in Nottingham (nearly 52 miles away). You can learn more about her campaign by visiting this page. 
Education wise, I have a BSc in Biology and I have just finished an MA in Global Governance and International Relations. Maybe I won't cure Malaria just yet but reading scientific journals during my down time is something I totally do and easing relations with North Korea is totally something I could do if Kim would listen to me. He isn't. I tried sending him a messenger pigeon and everything.

I'm currently helping charities revamp their digital footprint while seeking the perfect role. If you think we'd be the right fit or if you would like a chat please do drop me a call or email. You can also use the handy form below.  

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