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I'm a pretty average guy...

A little odd. But isn't everyone?

Hi, My name is Sohail and I'm a Social Media scientist (it’s a real thing, honest). 

I deal with social media, public relations and anything ad related. Why? Well because I’ve always had a passion for advertising. As cheesy as it sounds I don’t skip ads.. I watch them and analyse them. Boring I know. I promise after a couple of drinks I’m not this bad. 

As a social media scientist, I rely on data. Data is my thing. I hate it sometimes but you’d be surprised how much data you can actually get from your social following or your customer base. That data is your key to understanding your present and future customers much better. 

Minus the social media side, I’ve been involved in a number of creative ad’s and have a pretty good way of dealing with brand damage. Because you never know when you need an expert in that by your side. And public opinion especially now everyone is so social is key. 

I offer consultancy to a number of clients currently and I’m always looking to expand my client list. I may be getting a pretty cool job soon too – which deals with social and involves dogs.

Now a bit more about me personally. I’m 23. I really like food – and animals. And literally the world. I think we’re living in a pretty cool time and I have a passion for all things digital and technology. Think about it, in about 10 odd years we’ll have self driving cars and maybe Alexa will be able to know when I’m upset and need pizza, and you know just order it. Ah. The future. I’m looking forward to it a hell of a lot. Oh and my claim to fame was being in some Barclays Life Skils adverts.. about Social Media of course.

I studied biology as an undergraduate, and I’m just finishing up my MA in global governance and international relations. The aim? To get more involved in legislation concerning science but for now I’m trying to bring up my analytical side – and need some downtime before battling this thing we call a crazy world a bit more.

Back to business – I’m always looking for new clients like I said. Get in touch. Let me know what you have in mind and let’s get the ball rolling! 

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